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About Us

Revolutionizing The Way You Rent A Car One Rental At A Time

In today’s day and age, nothing is more inconvenient than losing your car, realizing you
may be stranded without a way home, or the short notice of having to bring your car into
the shop to fix a faulty battery or spark plug.

But fear not! Here at Cars & Trips, we’re revolutionizing the way that people rent and
reserve private cars to help get them from point A to point B with zero hassle and zero

Local Vendors
We work with local car rental vendors to ensure that our clients are never without an
option for too long. With a convenient pick up and drop off location, every client can rest
assured knowing that they have a local car share partner who they can count on to get
them to where they need to go on a daily basis.

Private Car Rentals
We work with a number of different private car rental fleets that help us reserve high-
quality rental cars for our clients. Trust us, you’ve never seen a car service like Cars &
Trips! With a massive variety of makes and models to choose from, you can always be
sure that Cars & Trips has the right car rental for each and every client.

Secure Payment
With an integrated payment system, all of our clients can reap the benefits of an assured
and safe payment system that helps to confirm your booking without worry or concern. In
addition, we hold your funds and will never process a single dime until your booking is

Daily Rentals
We understand just how stressful it can be when you don’t have a car. For that very
reason, we’re proud to offer our clients the ability to book daily rentals through Cars &
Trips. Simply let us know how long you’ll need our vehicle for, and we’ll be sure to work
within your schedule and with a rate that can’t be beat, we just know you’ll walk away

Contact us today and let’s get started! Become a member of our community and secure
all of your car rental needs with Cars & Trips. Trust us, you won’t be sorry that you did!

Offer Your Fleet!
If you have your own fleet of vehicles and are looking to join the car share market, Cars
& Trips is always looking for new partnerships! Throughout our time in business, we’ve
partnered with a number of different car services and rental firms to help supply our
valued clients with a wide variety of high-end and economy-level vehicles to meet their
daily car rental needs. If you’re interested in offering your fleet of vehicles, contact us
today and let’s get started!

Put your vehicles to work in one of the hottest car share markets in the region.