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Privacy Policy


Cars and Trips Singapore ensures that we are a company that will keep any information that you provide privately. This document (Privacy Policy) covers the assurance that the company website located at, also referred to as “this website, is compliant with Singapore PDPA’s Personal Data Protection Act of 2012. The policy includes how data is collected, stored, processed, and used.
Use of this website means that you consent on the use the collected data outlined in this statement.

Collection of Information from Visitors of

This website will obtain information like personal data. Visits will be monitored through the use of information collection devices and cookies. A profile of the visitors of the site will be built from any collected data. This data is usually processed in the form ofstatistics, and this form of processing does not allow individual identification of the visitors of the site, for your safety. Data collected may include the number of visits, number of hits, other sited visited, and additional information that your browser’s cookies may provide.

The policy and all the statements within will apply to all computers that visit this website.

Information Collection: How Personal Information that We Collected Will Be Used

Cars and Trips Singapore will use the information collected for the following purposes:

1. For the function of operating;
2. To perform the services outlined on this website;
3. To address, process, and respond to queries and visits to this website;
4. To track and gather feedback from customers and visitors;
5. To update and inform visitors of any offers, services, or items that Cars and Trips has available, should you want to receive such news from the website;
6. To track and improve the website;
7. To collate, process, and create a general statistic on the viewership profile of the website;
8. To process and inform you about updates on this website and company services.

Information Collection: Additional Data that is Processed

Cars and Trips Singapore may collect data such as the following, for processing:
A. Personal information, which may include the following:

1. The identity of the site visitor, if provided. (e.g., name, email address, other pertinent information if given)

2. Other details in documents related to the use of the services of the company. Some of these include name, email address, and other pertinent information like mobile number, landline, address, query purpose, among others.)

B. Data from information on the device that accesses our website. Information regarding hardware and software may be collected.

1. This information can include browser information, IP address, domain, time of access, linking websites, and more.

2. Collected data will be used for the maintenance of the quality of the information and services on this website.

Non-Disclosure of Information Collected by the Website

Car and Trips Singapore does not rent out or lease, sell, and release any collected personal information to any third party company. The company may, however, come in contact with the owners of the information to offer in behalf of a third party.

Any personal information will not be transferred without your consent. Data may be shared however if it can aid in performing analysis of statistics or in providing support and information.

All third parties involved cannot disclose any personal information given to them and must maintain privacy and confidentiality.

Disclosure of Personal Information

Cars and Trips Singapore will not disclose your personal information collected in the website if required to by law or such action becomes necessary.

Instances, where the disclosure of information will be deemed necessary, may include the following:

1. Compliance with the requirements of the law;
2. Compliance with legal processes;
3. Protection of the interests of the company;
4. If an urgent situation arises, and the safety of the users of the website or the
public become compromised for any reason.

Personal information may also be disclosed to third parties in the case of the following

1. Sale or purchase of any assets and personal information may be disclosed to
the buyer;
2. Acquisition of the company and its assets by a third party and a transfer of
assets including personal information collected by the website becomes


The website uses cookies. Cookies are text files that are saved into your device by the server of the webpage. These cookies are uniquely assigned and are only readable by the assigning web server. These cannot be used for running programs and viruses.

Cookies may be used for the following:

1. Improving experience in the website for the user;
2. Analytics;
3. Showing advertisements.

Many browsers accept cookies, and browser settings can restrict the use of cookies based on your preferences. Restriction of the use of cookies, however, may also restrict some functions that are usually available on this website.

Security of Personal Information

Your privacy will be maintained, and all transactions for payments and monetary matters will be encrypted via SSL technology. Note that internet-based services, however, are not all 100% secure. As such, transmission is at your own risk, although we spare no effort in securing and protecting your personal information and data.

Once received, your personal information will be protected by the company.

Personal Information Access, Updates, and Non-Use

You may request any copies of the information that we collect about you and your device. Should you wish to request, you may send a message thru and any information we hold about you will be given for a small service fee.

Should you want to update any of your personal details, you may also send a message thru the contact form to keep your information up to date. Any incorrect information should also be sent thru the aforementioned contact form.

Finally, you may also opt to stop the use of your personal information or to withhold any information collection from you. Send a message to the aforementioned email address to do so.

Links to Websites

This website may have links that lead to other websites. The privacy policy only applies to this website.

Final Notes

Please regularly visit this page regarding any updates to the privacy policy. You may email us for any comments.